Pre-Placement Testing Services

Finding and retaining sound and productive employees in today’s competitive business environment can be extremely difficult. mployee turnover, absenteeism, work-related accidents, theft, and alcohol and substance abuse need no longer be accepted as costs of doing business. However, the real challenge becomes: how can they be identified before they are hired? Madison Avenue Psychological Services can help any size organization identify reliable, productive employees before they make a hiring commitment. This is particularly important for safety sensitive positions: law-enforcement, security, fire departments, and emergency medical. MAPS understands behavioral risk management, and can be an integral part of your hiring process. We have a clinician who since 1988 has conducted over 5,000 customized pre-placement screenings ranging from entry level to advanced positions. Pre-placement screenings can provide significant reductions in turnover and reduces costs involved in hiring and training. Screenings rely on objective psychological tests and a standardized in-depth interview. MAPS provides a verbal report the same day the applicant is screened, and a written report can be faxed and/or mailed the next day.

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