Founded in 1981, Madison Avenue Psychological Services has become the premier multi-specialty psychological mental health care provider in the greater Kansas City area.

We specialize in providing care for children, adults, and seniors. Madison Avenue Psychological Services understands the need for competent solution-focused care. We treat each client with respect. Our compassionate, professional staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of care possible. Because we are privately owned, we are able to remain a needs-based and patient-driven organization. Our focus is on providing excellent and responsive care that meets the needs of the individual and the community. Being privately owned means our professionals are able to focus most importantly on you!


A national zoo was involved in a lengthy renovation project to improve the habitat of the bear population. During the renovation the bears were placed in narrow walled cages large enough to allow only pacing, standing at one end, turning and merely repeating the process at the opposite end. Months later when placed back into the new and improved habitat, one of the bears was seen pacing and repeating the footsteps of its previous confinement as if responding to the limitations of the since removed cage.

We are sometimes like the bear in our attempts to solve personal and family problems. Our attempts are usually with good intention and we do our best considering the circumstances or limitations.  We respond with what we believe are our options. Our choices reflect the mental, or internal MAPS we develop which guide us. We accommodate and adapt to what we perceive, and to what becomes our mental MAPS, which often limit our choices. Some people spend a lifetime searching for meaning or purpose to life, and for solutions outside themselves. Some of us never realize the MAPS we most often need to reach our destination lay within ourselves. Our company's professional staff is prepared to help you raise awareness of the "walls" and look beyond them to find practical solutions to common and complex problems, in as brief a manner as possible.

Welcome to MAPS, Madison Avenue Psychological Services.

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